Is skinnysnaX Gluten Free?

Is skinnysnaX tested on animals?

Is skinnysnaX vegan?

Does skinnysnaX contain GMO's?

Does skinnysnaX contain caffeine?

Introducing the Incomparable Lemon, Chocolate & Cherry Flavored

skinnysnaX for Anti - Aging and Weight Control

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How should I prepare skinnysnaX?
Mix well for 60 seconds, preferably with chilled water. It can be consumed within a few minutes, after mixing, as a ‘smoothie’. The mixture will form a textured ‘Gel’ - after standing for about 6-8 minutes. It will expand to come close to filling the cup (or 6 oz. dish)

How long can I store skinnysnaX in the refrigerator?
Larger batches can be prepared and stored refrigerated for up to one week.
For example, 10 scoops of powder can be mixed with 1,000 ml of chilled water.

I have to fast before having bloodwork done. Can I have skinnysnaX in place of food?
skinnysnaX will not break a fast. It should not raise insulin levels, as it has no sugar or calories. Always check with your doctor first, before making any decisions regarding your health.

Will I lose weight using skinnysnaX?
For best weight control and life extension results:
1. Avoid sugar in your diet. Read labels. Companies put sugar into almost all processed foods.
2. Avoid snacking in-between meals. Snacking raises insulin – which affects storage of calories as fat.
3. When feeling hungry, consume the skinnysnaX to get from meal – to meal - without snacking on calorie containing foods.
4. Start with fasting for 12-hours per day. Slowly build up to fasting for 15-16 hours per day. Consume skinnysnaX when hungry.
If you truly follow these instructions, you are sure to control your weight. Make these procedures a lifestyle, and the weight you lose will not return. Intermittent fasting, like calorie restriction, has also been shown to have anti-aging benefits.

Of most importance, keep away from small children. The powder can be irritating to their lungs, skin and eyes. The powder, that is not mixed with water, should not be ingested by anyone. The powder can be irritating to the gastrointestinal tract and has the potential to cause someone to ‘choke’ if it expands in the throat. Please read the instructions and warning on the label. Do not consume within two hours of taking medication or birth control pills.

What is your return policy?

We will accept returns with a $25 restock fee.


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