Molecular Hydrogen (H2)

Hundreds of research studies demonstrate the efficacy & safety of H2 treatment of inflammation, and related diseases has been extensively researched and practiced in Asian countries. It has recently become of interest in North America.

However, a means of sustaining a large amount of H2, in vivo, is needed - and is provided by H2B*, the basis of the lemon flavored skinnysnaX.

  • Compatible with intermittent fasting programs
  • Will not break a fast
  • Delicious, sugarless snack & desert
  • Contains 0-5 calories
  • Suppresses hunger - for hours
  • Contains prebiotics for G-I regularity
  • Does not contain drugs
  • Does not have harmful side effects
  • Generates and sustains large amounts of the antioxidant – molecular hydrogen (H2)
  • Compatible with the use of Rx drugs
  • Should not raise insulin levels
  • Promotes compliance with fasting
  • Costs the same as a high calorie snack or desert
  • Easy to prepare-just mix with water
  • Take advantage of a special offer

Large Lemon Flavor

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