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Hello! My name is Carrie Stevens. I am often asked why I look younger than I am, or what my secret is.The truth be told, my father happens to be a scientist. I have good skin because he nagged me to stay out of the sun my whole life. But it’s his newest invention, skinnysnaX, that keeps me trim and youthful. I use it to control my hunger so that I can do intermittent fasting. Besides helping you lose weight, intermittent fasting can keep your body younger, extend your lifespan and improve your overall health, slowing aging and age related illnesses.

Since 2007, molecular hydrogen (H2) has been the subject of over 400 research studies demonstrating its many health benefits. Widely known in the East, and increasingly researched in the West, H2 has been shown to reduce the oxidative stress and inflammatory responses that lie at the root of most major chronic diseases.

Here is the challenge: molecular hydrogen is notoriously difficult to sustain in living tissues. It quickly diffuses before it can counteract the burden of toxic free radicals. Because of this, current methods of administering H2 require drinking a large volume of H2 water cumbersome technologies, using inhalation, IV, and bathing.

This is the challenge that my father, Dr. Eugene Pittz,PHD, has addressed through years of research and development. His company, has patented a method for administering H2 that is easy, affordable, and delicious. Above all, this new biotechnology maintains molecular hydrogen in the body long enough to deliver reliable therapeutic benefit.

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Dr. Eugene Pittz,PHD, scientific team discovered that a unique biopolymer polysaccharide (a special fiber) has a remarkable affinity for molecular hydrogen. When exposed to H2, this polysaccharide “traps” the molecule in such a way that it can be released gradually into the body.
Named H2B, the new biotechnology makes this powerful therapy readily available for the first time.
I am excited to offer you skinnysnaX!

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